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DragZine Video Interview at Street Car Super Nations

Jimmy Biggs interviewed Rod Tschiggfrie, brainchild of the Sorceress, a flex-fuel street car and the driver: Don Speer. This OUTLAW runs MoTec engine management system, which immediately led me to none other than Shane Tecklenburg!

About Us

A Division of RaceCrafters, Inc.

Incorporated in 1994, XCELEROD, sprang forth in 2016 to better reflect the extremely high-performance engines the company creates, as XCELEROD has now taken to the streets.

Starting with the Sorcerer

A spectacular 40′ Skater catamaran—Racecrafters dominated the powerboat scene in the early 90s. XCELEROD combines the same ingenuity and drive into pretty much anything with an engine, with Sorceress now dominating the flex-fuel, street car engine arena.

Over 20s Years Later

XCELEROD boasts the RCI line, with complete electronic engine packages that deliver—only our engines deliver anything you want but faster. More importantly, we are the only company that offers a complete engine driveline system to accommodate the big torque and horsepower that only XCELEORD can build.

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