Speed Society “What defines a ‘street car’?”


If you want to start a good debate on social media, just post up asking “What defines a ‘street car’?” and watch the comments come pouring in. I believe, at first glance, this car would fool even the most die-hard race fan when it comes to street ability, but that’s what makes it so amazingly cool. 

This 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile, known appropriately as The Sorceress, looks at first glance like a full-on Pro Mod. When this video was posted on the Sorceress Facebook page, it drew a slew of comments questioning – and a few outright denying – the car’s plausibility as a street car. When you hit that play button below, I believe you’ll understand why...

Loaded up and on the way to QCCA Expo Center!

Check out this great video

97X The Dwyer and Michaels Show!

Check out this great video

The Story of the Sorceress!

This story started in 1984 and we keep on adding chapters...

DragZine Video Interview at Street Car Super Nations

Jimmy Biggs interviewed Rod Tschiggfrie, brainchild of the Sorceress, a flex-fuel street car and the driver: Don Speer. This OUTLAW runs MoTec engine management system, which immediately led me to none other than Shane Tecklenburg!


Sorceress is going to be featured on High Performance Tour, Velocity GO TV, Friday, January 27, 7 PM, CST